The “Poor People’s Campaign and its connection to local control 50 years later

MLK Day Speech, Kendra Brooks Prepared for POWER’s A People’s Call to Action January 15, 2018   Four years ago, my community won a fight for public education in this city. This was a fight between the haves and the have-nots for control of a community treasure — a “school”– Edward T. Steel school. SinceContinue reading “The “Poor People’s Campaign and its connection to local control 50 years later”

Statement on the Dissolution of the School Reform Commission

  Parents United for Public Education celebrates Mayor Kenney’s announcement that the School Reform Commission will dissolve, returning our public schools to local control. We applaud the Mayor for joining grassroots parents, students, and teachers of Philadelphia by standing on the right side of history. This is a historic victory for the wellbeing and dignityContinue reading “Statement on the Dissolution of the School Reform Commission”

Philadelphia’s children need better access to breakfast.

  SRC Testimony given April 27, 2017 – Access to Breakfast Good Afternoon, I am here on behalf of Parents United for Public Education to speak in support of Access to Breakfast. Of course, we do not agree with current White House administration who has stated there were not outcomes to defend free and reducedContinue reading “Philadelphia’s children need better access to breakfast.”

Voices of the People: Our Vision for Our Children, Our City, and the Future of Public Education

The educational experience and environment we envision for our children is diverse, dynamic, and democratic. We want our schools and school system to honor children as full human beings. We want schools that honor and support the experiences of our children, including true respect for and understanding of the need for trauma-informed and culturally relevant teaching and learning. We want schools that respect different learning styles and foster inter-generational learning relationships and environments.