Statement on the Dissolution of the School Reform Commission


Parents United for Public Education celebrates Mayor Kenney’s announcement that the School Reform Commission will dissolve, returning our public schools to local control. We applaud the Mayor for joining grassroots parents, students, and teachers of Philadelphia by standing on the right side of history.

This is a historic victory for the wellbeing and dignity of our children, families, and communities. We’ve proven that an independent, organized and engaged set of parents can win victories like the one we’re witnessing here today.

Parents United for Public Education, a proud coalition member of the Our City, Our Schools campaign, has spent many years organizing for this moment. We believe this is a powerful step in a positive direction towards true community control of our schools.

This moment comes after 16 years of passionate organizing and community action to shine a light on the failures of the state-takeover of the Philadelphia School District. We’re committed to repair the harm the School Reform Commission has caused by pressing towards an elected school board in Philadelphia. Just like every other county and school district in Pennsylvania, Philadelphians deserve to democratically elect the governing body of our children’s education.  

Parents United calls on the next local school board to stand with us to unapologetically fight for funding equity and restored life-affirming staff and programs in our schools. We call on the next local school board to take a clear stand against a privatization agenda where wealthy interests capitalize on our youth, our parents, and our communities. We call for a People’s Board.