Contact elected officials

In 2007, Greenfield parent Gretchen Cowell, JS Jenks parent Karen Aves and Powel parent Helen Gym met with City Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr. around supporting his plan to re-allocate dollars for the public schools. (Photo: Philadelphia Public School Notebook)

When it comes to city issues like the annual approving of school budgets or statewide legislation, one of the easiest and most  helpful ways to start is by contacting elected officials and letting them know your opinions.  

You can contact your officials via phone and via email. Calls should only take a few minutes. Most legislators keep a log of phone calls and pay attention to which issues generate real citizen input.

Use Azavea’s Elected Officials and Districts site to help you find your elected officials based on your address.

When contacting city council, we suggest contacting the member representing the district where you live or work, and at least one at-large member. You can write separately to the Board of Education, or you can cc them on your email to council.

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