Parents United for Public Education exists to provide an independent voice for parents fighting for school budgets that support stable, equitable, and appropriate resources, staffing and programs for every school. We believe in school budgets that provide academically rich, nurturing school environments for all public schools. We believe that a force of vigilant and engaged parents is the key to substantive and sustainable education reform. We are committed to providing information to parents about issues relevant to school budgets, mobilizing parents to take an active role in impacting district-wide budget issues, and lobbying civic and elected officials at the local and state level to improve public school funding and to demand academic achievement, equity, accountability and public engagement.

Parents United members are unified under the following goals:
  • Establish a baseline guarantee for quality and equity in public schools:  Ensure that every school has an academically rich school environment with appropriate funding and services (including small class sizes, a stable and effective leadership team, teaching staff and supports,  a well-rounded curriculum encompassing art, music, and science, access to fresh food, safe and adequate facilities, and free transportation).   
  • Empower parents in the budget process to set and monitor District initiatives.  
  • Improve accountability and ensure oversight of private contractors.
  • Enforce an ethical and transparent decision-making process 
  • Create a parent-led grassroots lobby for improved state and local school funding.