Voices of the People: Our Vision for Our Children, Our City, and the Future of Public Education

The educational experience and environment we envision for our children is diverse, dynamic, and democratic. We want our schools and school system to honor children as full human beings. We want schools that honor and support the experiences of our children, including true respect for and understanding of the need for trauma-informed and culturally relevant teaching and learning. We want schools that respect different learning styles and foster inter-generational learning relationships and environments.

Sept. 20th: Special Education know your rights workshop

Our attorneys at Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia are hosting a day-long special education “boot camp” with everything you need to know to be an advocate and supporter of your special needs child. Appropriate for educators, attorneys and advocates as well. Pay as you go admission for those in need. $100 general admission. $50 webinar.Continue reading “Sept. 20th: Special Education know your rights workshop”

TODAY! To do list for our day of action targeting City Council

Today City Council will introduce legislation that will devote 100% of sales tax proceeds to the schools in year one, 75% in year two and 50% for the remaining years. City Council will also push for cigarette tax passage in Harrisburg. Sound familiar? Sure! Because that was supposed to be LAST YEAR’s plan for schoolContinue reading “TODAY! To do list for our day of action targeting City Council”

Don’t Miss! Rally for School Funding 3/27 and GOTV 3/29

TODAY! Tax the Frackers, Fund our schools! FUND OUR SCHOOLS/TAX MARCELLUS SHALE RALLY Thursday, MARCH 27 @ 4 PM 440 N. Broad Street (rain location, SDP auditorium) WHO: STATE SENATOR VINCENT HUGHES and ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS WHY: Our schools have been devastated by nearly $1 billion in cuts in Gov. Tom Corbett’s budgets. To repairContinue reading “Don’t Miss! Rally for School Funding 3/27 and GOTV 3/29”