Mayoral Engagement Questionnaire

Throughout March, the Our City Our Schools coalition shared five prompts with each of the Mayoral candidates to learn more about their plans for transforming our schools. We are a coalition of organizations and individuals that demand fairly funded transformative schools that address the needs and desires of school community members. These questions speak to core valuesContinue reading “Mayoral Engagement Questionnaire”

Statement: Students deserve an apology – not insults

Last month the School District of Philadelphia hosted a screening of the controversial film “Won’t Back Down” (read Helen Gym’s review of the movie here) shortly after the School Reform Commission took unprecedented action to revoke the teachers’ contract. Students conducted a protest of the film screening. It went downhill from there. According to this video,Continue reading “Statement: Students deserve an apology – not insults”

Why we vote: Voting has the power to restore

Voting day is today November 4 . Polls are open 7 a.m.-8 p.m. (Find your poll location here). By all accounts the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race for the first time, will hinge primarily on how voters feel Governor Tom Corbett has served the Commonwealth’s public schools, its children, and the communities who support them. This is aContinue reading “Why we vote: Voting has the power to restore”

Sabotaging our children and our schools

This afternoon, the House GOP leadership announced that it would not return to Harrisburg to vote on a proposed cigarette tax bill that had been delayed in the state Senate. The failure to pass the bill means Philadelphia schools are more than $83 million short of last year’s inadequate funding. This is Parents United’s statementContinue reading “Sabotaging our children and our schools”