Inspiring post of the day: North Carolina and the Rev. Dr. William Barber are delivering THE message of our times

Need inspiration? Look no further than yesterday’s 80,000-100,000 (you read that right) person massive Moral March in North Carolina. Born out of a months long Moral Mondays movement that is transforming politics, not just in North Carolina, but for all of us as a nation, the movement has merged those fighting for public education with thoseContinue reading “Inspiring post of the day: North Carolina and the Rev. Dr. William Barber are delivering THE message of our times”

Corbett budget: “A paltry handout”

Last week Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his proposal for the PA state budget. The proposal claims to put in close to $400 million into education. However on closer scrutiny, none of that money supports the basic education budget, the amount of money going without strings attached to school districts. After years of deprivation under GovernorContinue reading “Corbett budget: “A paltry handout””

Parents United statement on Corbett SRC appointments

Parents United for Public Education will seek to work with any and all appointees to the School Reform Commission. As parents, however, we believe the appointment of any new individuals to the Commission does not change the fundamentally flawed nature of an entity which is ultimately beholden to politics over effective governance. The approval processContinue reading “Parents United statement on Corbett SRC appointments”

Why we march

Tomorrow, Governor Tom Corbett – the least popular incumbent governor in the country – will make his first ever visit into a Philadelphia public school. He’s coming to Central High on Friday to give achievement awards to Central, Masterman and Carver High Schools – all three of which have seen their budgets decimated since Corbett’sContinue reading “Why we march”