Governor Corbett runs from Philadelphia voters – again

In a large rally yesterday, Parents United for Public Education joined with our partners at PCAPS and PA Working Families to greet Governor Tom Corbett who was trolling for campaign dollars with Gov. Chris Christie at an event hosted by the Republican Governors Association. Originally intended for the Union League, the campaign suddenly switched locations the day ofContinue reading “Governor Corbett runs from Philadelphia voters – again”

When Ed Reformers speak: “Schools shouldn’t have a right to exist”

The Philadelphia School Partnership was founded with a mission “to accelerate” the pace of education reform in Philadelphia and to raise $100 million to wield its agenda. So why has PSP in its short tenure here become such a polarizing institution? Hmm . .  could it be the fact that they: Have prominent voucher advocates onContinue reading “When Ed Reformers speak: “Schools shouldn’t have a right to exist””

Parents United statement on teacher concessions

This morning, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) made the tough decision to agree to a wage freeze and health care contributions. Parents United for Public Education stands with Philadelphia teachers across the city who are making a difference everyday in our classrooms.  We also want to make clear that this means the District’s averageContinue reading “Parents United statement on teacher concessions”

Helen Gym: SRC statement: Going to war on your own soldiers

These remarks were made at the Aug. 15 SRC special meeting which stripped seniority from the teachers’ contract. This means that the District has the right to arbitrarily determine which staff to return to schools based on “need.” The SRC voted unanimously to do so. Last week when you Superintendent Hite issued your ultimatum, parentsContinue reading “Helen Gym: SRC statement: Going to war on your own soldiers”

Is this our Mayor?

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter made an appearance last night on “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC  about the awful decisions made this year about Philadelphia public schools. From mass school closings to reckless charter expansion, from closing schools to opening prisons, from eliminating fundamental education responsibilities to laying off thousands of Philadelphians – what,Continue reading “Is this our Mayor?”