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Councilwoman Gym’s statement on the Board of Ethics Settlement with Mastery Charter

“Last school year, the School Reform Commission approved Mastery’s bid to take over the Wister School in an unprecedented 11th hour move that went against the recommendation of Superintendent Hite. Now we know that Mastery engaged in an expensive lobbying campaign to ensure that result, in the process tearing apart a community and subjecting school … Continue reading

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Our Statement: Any Charter Expansion Continues to Impoverish the District

This statement is in response to the School Reform Commission special meeting for charter applications February 18th. “I too believe in OPTIONS. Fair options like being able to send my children to schools that are safe with the basic items are provided like books, nursing, counselors, and adequate staffing. Yet under the current budget you … Continue reading

Munoz-Marin parents: We believe in public schools
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Munoz-Marin parents: We believe in public schools

Yesterday parent at the Luis Muñoz Marìn School voted last night 223-70 to remain a District public school. The vote mirrored a similar blow-out vote by parents at the Edward T. Steel Elementary last month to also remain a public school. Parents United released the following statement. Parents: We believe in public schools Parents United for Public … Continue reading

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Statement: Improving voting procedures for 2014 Renaissance process

Parents United for Public Education Suggestions to improve Renaissance Process voting procedures May 5, 2014 Parents United for Public Education has raised serious concerns about the overall Renaissance charter effort. Nevertheless, we supported the District’s decision this year to permit parents to vote on whether their schools should be taken over by charter operators. We … Continue reading

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Steel parents file grievance against SAC charter vote

Update: A second Steel School Advisory Council member filed a complaint with the charter office, but the complaint was allegedly dismissed because it came after the 8 a.m. deadline. The SAC member Giavoni Gethers forwarded her complaint, a serious one, which is posted below. Yesterday almost 200 families voted in the first ever parent vote about … Continue reading

Parents facing a charter takeover vow to stay “Steel Strong”
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Parents facing a charter takeover vow to stay “Steel Strong”

On April 1, the School District of Philadelphia announced that its Renaissance-chosen charter operators Mastery Charter Network and ASPIRA, Inc. would be matched with Steel and Munoz-Marin Elementary schools located within these charter provider’s feeder pattern. Parents had less than one month before a school-wide vote on this process. The charter process has not been particularly … Continue reading