Steel parents win decisive vote to keep school public

  On May 1, 176 parents at Steel Elementary School – the last public school in Nicetown – voted on whether to remain a District public school or be turned over to the city’s largest charter operator, Mastery Charter Network. More than 70 percent of parents – 121 vs. 55 – voted to keep theContinue reading “Steel parents win decisive vote to keep school public”

Steel parents file grievance against SAC charter vote

Update: A second Steel School Advisory Council member filed a complaint with the charter office, but the complaint was allegedly dismissed because it came after the 8 a.m. deadline. The SAC member Giavoni Gethers forwarded her complaint, a serious one, which is posted below. Yesterday almost 200 families voted in the first ever parent vote aboutContinue reading “Steel parents file grievance against SAC charter vote”

Parents United statement in support of Steel Elementary School

Parents United for Public Education fully endorses the concerns of parents and community members of Steel Elementary School who are outraged over what is effectively an 8-day process to determine if Steel remains a neighborhood public school or not. More than 100 parents came out on April 8 to hear the District speak for the first time aboutContinue reading “Parents United statement in support of Steel Elementary School”

Corbett budget: “A paltry handout”

Last week Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his proposal for the PA state budget. The proposal claims to put in close to $400 million into education. However on closer scrutiny, none of that money supports the basic education budget, the amount of money going without strings attached to school districts. After years of deprivation under GovernorContinue reading “Corbett budget: “A paltry handout””

Parents United statement on Corbett SRC appointments

Parents United for Public Education will seek to work with any and all appointees to the School Reform Commission. As parents, however, we believe the appointment of any new individuals to the Commission does not change the fundamentally flawed nature of an entity which is ultimately beholden to politics over effective governance. The approval processContinue reading “Parents United statement on Corbett SRC appointments”