Robin Roberts on testing, killing the joy of learning on Radio Times

We are so proud of Parents United leadership member Robin Roberts, who was a voice of sanity on “Radio Times” yesterday morning. She talked about how tests don’t measure learning, how they stifle creativity, how much time they take up, and how little they do to assist schools that are struggling. Listen to the whole interview here,Continue reading “Robin Roberts on testing, killing the joy of learning on Radio Times”

From the White House to Diane Ravitch: A whirlwind week for Parents United

The past week has been kind of a whirlwind as a host of events converged around our Parents United work seemingly all at once. I thought I’d share a few thoughts about what it’s been like. TEDx Philadelphia By far one of the most intense experiences of my life was going on stage at TEDxContinue reading “From the White House to Diane Ravitch: A whirlwind week for Parents United”

Parents are opting out of PSSA tests: Here’s why

Today’s front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer features several Parents United members including our own Robin Roberts on why her children are opting out of the PSSA tests which begin this week. By Roberts’ count, her third grader was going to spend six school days – at least 12 hours – taking state standardized tests beginning this monthContinue reading “Parents are opting out of PSSA tests: Here’s why”

The School District’s big Trust problem

“Who will be the first to step up and earn our students’ trust and prove that our children are the most important? Who will start a new era of trust to create a public education model we all can take pride in?” Trust is an important aspect in all relationships.  Lack of trust has the abilityContinue reading “The School District’s big Trust problem”

A Student’s Voice Joins the Movement

Hi, my name is Sadie Sprague-Lott and I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy (SLA) and an intern for Parents United for Public Education. When I was looking for an internship this year it was very important that it was something that really meant something to me. I first met Helen through my momContinue reading “A Student’s Voice Joins the Movement”