Why I opted out of the PSSA circus

On  December 13, 2012, the School District of Philadelphia recommended 37 schools for closure. There were impassioned pleas and hard-worked proposals. There were well-written reports of community input. There was anger. There were tears. There were rallies, chants and marches. There was organization, mobilization and  solidarity. And then the School Reform Commission voted to closeContinue reading “Why I opted out of the PSSA circus”

Back to school: What’s happening?

In late October, dozens of parents from across the city came together to share our priorities about the coming school year. We spoke about our experiences heading back to school. From services for special needs populations to overcrowded classrooms (John B. Kelly reported 38 kindergarteners in one class!) to concerns about classroom instruction – theseContinue reading “Back to school: What’s happening?”

Welcome to Parents United’s blog!

Hello Philly! Parents United for Public Education has launched a new website and blog for Philadelphia parents committed to building a quality public education system in our city. Since 2006 Parents United has been a leading voice for equity, accountability and driving resources to schools to ensure a rich classroom experience for our children. We’veContinue reading “Welcome to Parents United’s blog!”