Welcome to Parents United’s blog!

Hello Philly! Parents United for Public Education has launched a new website and blog for Philadelphia parents committed to building a quality public education system in our city. Since 2006 Parents United has been a leading voice for equity, accountability and driving resources to schools to ensure a rich classroom experience for our children. We’ve succeeded in bringing tens of millions of new dollars to schools and building an independent citywide parent voice for public education.

Today our voices are needed more than ever.

A new Superintendent brings new hope and energy to the School District. At the same time, an unprecedented level of money and influence is targeting everywhere from 440 to Harrisburg and working to undermine the very notion of public education.

We believe independent parent voices coming together across the city must transform the education agenda. We hope this blog provides a forum for parents to share the impact of school “reform” on our lives and those of our children. We look forward to the dialogue!