SEPTA advertising: What’s your take?

Last week a number of parents and students were surprised to see this ad on their weekly student transpass:

(Photo: Parents United for Public Education)
(Photo: Parents United for Public Education)

This week the following ad appears on student transpasses:

(Photo: Parents United for Public Education)
(Photo: Parents United for Public Education)

And here’s next week’s ad:

SEPTA transpass3


A few media outlets have picked up on some concerns we raised on social media about the advertising. For clarification, this issue is not about the military but about advertising on School District approved materials for children as young as the age of 10. This concern would not apply if this were a SEPTA billboard or a poster on a bus. Student transpasses are specifically for children getting to and from school. What we are trying to clarify is SEPTA’s policy on student transpass advertising. What are the boundaries? Will SEPTA allow any advertising – junk food, music albums, sneakers? The military is designed for those over the age of 18. Does that mean children could be subjected to other 18+ advertising – alcohol, city casinos?

We deeply respect and honor military families in our community. However, those who feel that our asking questions is somehow an insult to military families are missing the point. Parents have a responsibility and a right to know what the standards are when things are geared specifically toward our children. We’re looking for clarification, not condemnation.
We want to know: What do you think?
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