Private dollars, public responsibilities: What you should know about the Boston Consulting Group

What would a Massachusetts-based multinational consulting firm want with the Philadelphia public schools? Since last February the Boston Consulting Group has wielded unprecedented influence over School District budgeting and structuring – and almost entirely out of the eye of the public.

They were behind a District restructuring plan revealed last spring that signaled an all-out assault on public education.  Among the Boston Consulting Group’s plans:

  • 64 school closures within five years;
  • 40 school closures by Sept. 2013;
  • massive charter school expansion to 40% of total student population;
  • major union concessions; and
  • all schools divided into “networks” run by third-party operators.

The controversy over the BCG plan generated a huge outcry, but what hasn’t been discussed enough is who drove the ideas behind the plan. The plan was paid for with millions in private donations and a contract executed not with the School District of Philadelphia but with a foundation representing the private donors’ interests.

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