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Students from May's Roxborough Corridor Parent Summit. Photos: Matthew Hall Photography
Students from May’s Roxborough Corridor Parent Summit. Photo: Matthew Hall Photography


With only weeks to go before the start of school, parents need to kick into high gear to assure that we can get the funds and resources we need BEFORE school starts.

Mayor Nutter and City Council:

  1. Tell Mayor Nutter and City Council that $50 million is not enough. We need the Mayor and Council to speak out towards restoring guidance counselors for every school, eliminating split grades and maintaining lower class size for earlier grades, and bringing back librarians, teachers, nurses, aides and support staff.  These aren’t luxuries. They are fundamental pedagogically sound and responsible equity needs all school deserve.
  2. The Mayor and Council must set aside differences and work toward a smart and sufficient rescue package for the schools, whether that’s a split of $50 million between the sales tax and Council’s plan or an appropriation of an additional $50 million on top of the plan that is chosen.  The fight between the Mayor and Council has resulted in endless press conference and reduced focus on Harrisburg. Mayor and Council need to end their differences and present a united front to Harrisburg for clear funding.
  3. Tell Council and the Mayor: We need a united front in Harrisburg for more funding today: Restore charter reimbursements, the largest expense in the schools’ budget. Release the $45 million and stop holding our schools’ hostage over labor negotiations. Work towards a fair education funding formula for the next legislative session.

U.S. Congressional representatives:

Tell them $45 million in federal dollars is due to our schools TODAY and the Governor has no right to hold that money hostage over labor negotiations.

State of Pennsylvania

  1. Immediately release the $45 million in federal funds due to schools.
  2. Restore charter reimbursements. This is the fastest growing expense in the District budget. If you want to demand “reform,” pay for it.

 Download our Action Flyer for printing here:

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