Archived newsletters

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Sept. 2014: What every parent should know; reopening the complaint site; does a new District transfer policy violate your rights?

June 2o14: This is it! A last push for schools

November 2013: Thanks for believing in our public schools!

October 2013: Parents on the move. Introducing: Must Watch Video of the Day: “Dangerous walks for children result of Philly school closings.” Parent post, Robin Roberts: “Surviving my first weeks of school.”

Know your rights alert! Gloves off: Exercise your legal rights

September 2013: Back to school. Action Toolkit. Quote of the Day. Parent post, Maurice Jones: “What about ‘safety first’?”

August 2013: Countdown to calamity! City Hall call in. Parents pushback on graded school report cards. She-ro of the day: Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez. Lessons from a budget battle.

June 2013: Harrisburg call-in day. Action Toolkit. District doomsday budget passes.

April 2013: Get organized! School budget hearings. Parents United wins case on BCG school closings list. Parent post, Tomika Anglin: “Why I opted out of the PSSA circus.”

Fall 2012: School closings study group. Facilities Master Plan update. Kudos: PPA delivers $14 million for schools. 49 schools support vote of no confidence.

May 2011: FY2012 budget vote. Campaign to restore free transportation

May 2011 Action Alert! Our kids deserve a free ride: restore yellow school buses.

November 2009: Keystone exams: what parents need to know. Class size poll. Take action on BRT. Parent profile: Gerald Wright.

Action Alert: Take action on the BRT!

October 2009: Welcome to Parents United for Public Education. Class size poll. Schools to lose $4 million in budget shortfall. Take action on BRT!


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