What I Will Say to My Son at the Beginning of this Strange New School Year

I’ve been thinking of what to say to my son at the beginning of this strange new school year. Of course he and I have been talking a lot already, most of it in mutually outraged tones about the injustice of the situation. But I feel there is another conversation needed in advance of myContinue reading “What I Will Say to My Son at the Beginning of this Strange New School Year”

Back to School: It’s so much worse than you think

“Philadelphia, Mississippi 1963: No black children allowed in libraries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2013: No school libraries” [This post has been updated: Check our Know Your Rights page to learn how to file a complaint] On Tuesday, dozens of parents came out to District headquarters to finally gain some answers to rumors, questions and fears surrounding theContinue reading “Back to School: It’s so much worse than you think”

Parents United statement on teacher concessions

This morning, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) made the tough decision to agree to a wage freeze and health care contributions. Parents United for Public Education stands with Philadelphia teachers across the city who are making a difference everyday in our classrooms.  We also want to make clear that this means the District’s averageContinue reading “Parents United statement on teacher concessions”

Safety First? District plans for safe school opening are lacking

  “To this day, we still have not heard a definitive safety plan for the safe passage of children to and from Lea and Wilson schools. . .  How long does it take to get anything done concerning the most important issue facing school closings – school safety?” – Maurice Jones

In the news: Philly’s budget crisis goes national

Philadelphia’s budget crisis makes national news Philadelphia’s budget crisis made the front page of the New York Times under the headline “A City borrows so its schools open on time.” The story featured the voices of Parents United members Tomika Anglin, Leslie Tyler, and Helen Gym. An accompanying photo essay highlighted a town hall on education atContinue reading “In the news: Philly’s budget crisis goes national”