“Revival from the Roots”: A listening tour of Philly Schools with Parents United and PFT’s Jerry Jordan

10septI was deeply moved in watching the final cut of “Revival from the Roots,” a listening tour Parents United did with Media Mobilizing Project and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. We wanted to hear from parents, staff and students who live the consequences of the policies we enact on our public schools. Here we toured West Philadelphia and talked with families from Barry, Lea and Penn Alexander Elementary schools and with students and staff at West Philadelphia High School. I am deeply humbled when reminded that so many of our young people face or deal with circumstances most of us could not even imagine. Our schools shouldn’t be part of their problems. They can and must uplift and invest in young people. Rather than seeing them as broken institutions to be discarded or shut down, our schools can be places of hope and potential. With the right investment, they are the most stalwart buffer against poverty and the best proof of our collective values. I could not be prouder to be part of this effort and to share it with outstanding parent voices like our own Maurice Jones and so many others. It’s eight minutes you won’t regret! Many thanks to Media Mobilizing Project and Jerry Jordan for this incredibly moving collaboration.