Photo of the Day: Schools burn, Guv heads up river

Photo of the Day: Schools burn, Guv heads up river
(Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Could this photo be any more iconic of the disconnect between our Governor and the state of schools? On the day that Supt. William Hite announces an unprecedented possible shutdown of Philly schools for a failure of funding, Governor Tom Corbett kicks off his kayaking vacation. The governor is oblivious and far, far away. Psst, Guv, throw us the lifejacket whenever you’re done with it.

9 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Schools burn, Guv heads up river

  1. I was angry before, but now I am fuming!!! The question of the day is, where is the 45 million that The President gave to the state-Governor? Mayor Nutter, City Council,President and taxpayers/parents want to know. I would think that they would have access to the Governor and be able to confer with him. But, as you can see, he must me out on the water. I am going to try to call his office and leave a message.

    1. It’s impossible to understand why anyone would leave the Governor and state off the hook in the emergency funding to open schools.

    2. Ms. Gym,
      I am wondering: Can concerned citizens not enter a class action suit against Harrisburg for not upholding their constitutional duty to provide for the public education? I have often wondered why this hasn’t been done. Am I missing something?

      1. Scott, in the past the PA courts have said that the level of funding is a “political” question and refused to find that Harrisburg was not upholding its constitutional duty. However, this budget sets a new low bar. Time to try this again.

      2. We are in communication with PILCOP and Ed Law Center. The problem is mostly that the laws are really tough in this area and the standards are very low. Ultimately, as well this is a state law question. We have more room around mandated services like special ed and ELLs. Again though it’s always worth revisiting especially as the inequity of services becomes more clear.

  2. Have you noticed that while these reformers are cutting and closing schools their budgets have not gotten any lower? They cut essentails to push money to their reform buddy projects.

    1. Scott; That’s what I spoke about last night in the Town Hall Meeting. I think we should explore that as an option. I am going to contact The Education Law Center. My friend is a wealth of knowledge about educational matters and laws.

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