Pay Up PPA

When you feed the meter or pay a parking ticket, do you wonder where your money goes?

It goes into the coffers of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), a public agency. When the State of Pennsylvania took over the PPA in 2001, the School District of Philadelphia was promised stable, consistent, sizable funding from on-street parking revenues.

That never happened. 

It is time to Pay Up PPA!

The Pay Up PPA Coalition is building its strength.  Volunteers do most of the work. But to raise our visibility, we have to get out our message out. Your donation will support these efforts.Please help support the Pay Up PPA Coalition by making a donation here:                                      Pay Up PPA Go Fund Me Campaign

The Pay Up PPA Coalition demands $25 million in dedicated annual funding for Philly’s kids, instead of the inconsistent and inadequate funding of the past. The PPA can and must channel more revenue to the school district.  Every dollar saved in PPA operations is an additional dollar for our schools.

The PPA is known for its high salaries, a payroll bloated with jobs for friends of the well-connected, and other questionable practices.  We can no longer afford this while Philly’s kids don’t even have safe school buildings.

Coalition Members:
  215 People’s Alliance, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools (APPS)Caucus of Working Educators , Our City Our SchoolsParents United for Public EducationPOWERPublic Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY)Youth United for Change  and over 100 citizens committed to public education.

Steering Committee:

215 People’s Alliance:  Todd Wolfson

Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools:  Deborah Grill,  Karel Kilimnik

Caucus of Working Educators:  Thomas Quinn;   Jolley Bruce Christman

Our City Our Schools:  Kendra Brooks, Kristin Campbell;   Nancy Lanham

Parents United for Public Education:    Marissa Nolan Post, Robin Roberts, Sabra Townsend

POWER:  Andrea Moselle,  Rochelle Nichols Solomon;  Susan Schewel