COVID Reopening School Visits

See all of our information and action steps related to Building Safety and Reopening Schools during COVID.

At the January 28, 2021, Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Hite said that parents can contact their school’s principal to request a tour if they would like to see the safety precautions and protocols in place for the reopening plan.

If you are the parent of a Pre-K through 2nd grade student who is schedule to return in the first phase, we recommend that you take Dr. Hite up on that offer.

Even if your principal says you cannot tour, we suggest asking them the questions listed below! There are even more questions from our webinar summarized in this post.

Contact your school’s principal using any method the school uses to contact you, or by looking up contact information via the district’s school directory.

We also always suggest documenting school visits and communications in detail. You may want to photograph some of the safety measures in place, particularly if you have concerns about their efficacy. Please feel free to contact Parents United if you would like support securing and preparing for a tour, or if you would like to share your findings (we would love to hear the response and are happy to keep information anonymous).

Questions to Ask

  • Are there other repairs and/or tests that have been done in the building during virtual learning? If so, what did they repair/ find? Where are the results of any tests that were done?
  • How does the principal feel about the completeness and accuracy of the ventilation report(s) for their building? Do they have any concerns?
    • Are there spaces that students will need to use that have not been tested or that have limited ventilation (including bathrooms)?
  • Are there rooms in the building that are relying on fans for ventilation? If so:
    • How many rooms?
    • Are there any concerns about the electrical configuration/ load?
    • Are there backups available on site in case there are problems with one?
    • What is the contingency plan for if a fan breaks or there are other problems with a room that relies on fan ventilation? Are there backup spaces available for children to move to?
    • What is the plan for inclement weather?
    • Does the principal have concerns about temperature? If so, what is the plan to address those concerns?
    • How is seating being arranged relative to the fans?
    • Have new tests been completed with fans installed and operating?
  • How many bathrooms will be available for use based on ventilation and what is the protocol for cleaning?
  • What is the plan for meals?
  • How many students are currently anticipated to return? How many per class?
  • How many teachers/ staff members have to return to the building?
    • Are there staff members who will have to return that won’t have students in the building?
    • Are students being reassigned to different teachers at all, either for scheduling or due to teachers who cannot or will not be returning in person?
    • How many remote classes will be impacted by scheduling changes, for example due to specialists being in the building even when they are teaching grades that have not yet returned?
  • What are the areas the principal is most and least concerned about as far as safety for reopening?