A vision to transform schools

This school year will be a huge test for our school communities. School closings, a continued budget crisis, and an unprecedented level of monied and political forces backing privatization threaten our schools and, by extension, our neighborhoods. Continue reading “A vision to transform schools”

Back to school: What’s happening?

In late October, dozens of parents from across the city came together to share our priorities about the coming school year. We spoke about our experiences heading back to school. From services for special needs populations to overcrowded classrooms (John B. Kelly reported 38 kindergarteners in one class!) to concerns about classroom instruction – these are the areas we need to focus our attention. GAMP parents raised concerns about loss of transportation for middle schoolers especially as a recent Facilities Master Planning process seemed to indicate a shift away from neighborhood schools. Above all, parents raised concerns about a lack of attention to equity, where schools just blocks away can be vastly different in academic offerings and investment.

This forum is about your back to school experiences. What’s happening at your school? What are your top priorities as we dive into the school year?

Welcome to Parents United’s blog!

Hello Philly! Parents United for Public Education has launched a new website and blog for Philadelphia parents committed to building a quality public education system in our city. Since 2006 Parents United has been a leading voice for equity, accountability and driving resources to schools to ensure a rich classroom experience for our children. We’ve succeeded in bringing tens of millions of new dollars to schools and building an independent citywide parent voice for public education.

Today our voices are needed more than ever.Continue reading “Welcome to Parents United’s blog!”