2019 Parents United Leadership Series

Parents United for Public Education is Philadelphia parents fighting for justice and equity in our schools. For over a decade, Parents United has been a premier voice of transformative advocacy in support of Philadelphia public education.
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Our leaders have practiced respectful disobedience whenever the policies and practices of the School District of Philadelphia have led to deficiencies for our children. Our established successes in school funding, special education, healthy schools and multiple other educational areas have made Parents United one of the oldest and most respected parent led advocacy groups in our city.  As we expand our support for Philadelphia children, this intensive Parent Leadership Series will coach parent leaders to strengthen their advocacy skills and in turn, offer Parent United leaders fresh perspectives and growth opportunities with new partners. This Leadership Series is supported by


Are you an active, passionate, knowledgeable Philadelphia parent leader? Are you interested in working towards ensuring a high quality of public education for all Philadelphia students? If so, we would like to know you.

Please complete the following application. Additional information will be provided as applications are accepted. If you have any questions as you work on your application, please reach out to parentsunitedphila@gmail.com with subject: 2019 Leadership Series Questions

Thank you!

2019 Parents United Leadership Series Application